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Semi-finalist in QuillsEdge contest

via Announcing the 2017 Contest Results

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Andrea Hollander: The Before and the After

My teacher/mentor Andrea Hollander and her poetry magic.

Vox Populi

At the airport terminal the coarse sound

of wheeled suitcases, a toddler giggling,

running a few feet beyond his father.


A brown-haired woman at the kiosk

that sells last-minute magazines and candy.

I try not to gawk, but she looks like my mother.


I pull my own wheeled carry-on to Security,

lift it onto the conveyer belt, walk into the booth

and hold my hands above my head.


I am always going and going.

The way my mother did.


After she packed both our suitcases,

I’d sit on the stool in the master bathroom,

while my mother brushed my hair.


I’d stare into the mirror at our two faces

so much alike they could have been

a portrait: The Before and the After.


She’s been dead almost 50 years,

and I keep going and going.


From 35,000 feet I look down

at the…

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Semi-finalist in QuillsEdge’s chapbook contest!

It’s back to drawing board for me, but encouraging to have made the first round!

via Announcing the 2017 Contest Results

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The Ocean Between Us cover reveal

Backbone Press just published my new poetry chapbook The Ocean Between Us along with Faisal Mohyuddin‘s The Riddle of Longing.  Faisal’s book The Displaced Children of Displaced Children just won the 2017 Sexton Prize for Poetry from Eyewear Publishing; I’m very honored and excited to be published alongside him!

Many thanks to editor Crystal Simone Smith for the beautiful cover design and to editor Daniel Romo for his blurb!

Twin books

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Backbone Press to publish The Ocean Between Us!

I’m very happy and honored to announce the fall 2017 publication of my 2nd chapbook, The Ocean Between Us by Backbone Press.  Backbone’s description:

“The Ocean Between Us is a collection of poems wrapped in memories and language. Beatriz Fernandez artfully weaves together dazzling imagery and alluring sounds to create concrete visions of Puerto Rico, Florida, and a geography of loss. With the ability to use the perfect words to describe imperfect times, she poses questions that pierce the human spirit. Unsure of the answer, this is a book of poetry that is rich with the “embryonic code of things to come.”

Backbone chose my chapbook The Ocean Between Us as one of their two Fall 2017 publications from 120+ entries.  It’s available for pre-order via paypal here.

The Riddle of Longing by Faisal Mohyuddin is the other chapbook chosen.  He just won the 2017 Sexton Prize for his first full length book, forthcoming from Eyewear Publishing in the UK!

Backbone Press is small press for ethnic writers interested in “language that is elegant and provocative; poetry that informs and engages us in broader cultural conversations.”

The Ocean Between Us is very different from my last chapbook, Shining from a Different Firmament (still available via Finishing Line Press, 2015).

My description:

The Ocean Between is a 25-poem chapbook divided into two sections.  The journey begins with a brief visit back to Puerto Rico that brings back many memories of my childhood spent there. I’m the daughter of an immigrant and an islander whose ancestors also immigrated to their respective homelands.  Within every generation of my family there came a decision: to leave or to stay, and my ancestors always chose to leave, for their own sake and for their children’s.  From this restless heritage I derived a curious lack of home sense—I’ve always been neither one thing nor another, neither native nor alien.  These poems are an attempt to gather all these emotions together into a cohesive whole—to define what we mean by “home” and to highlight that perhaps it’s the ocean between that really matters:  that ever-changing, ever-the-same body that divides us and yet also unites us into a single body.

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Alsina Publishing to present my flash fiction trilogy

I’m excited to announce that Alsina Publishing will present my fantasy fiction trilogy via LingoBites, their app for language learning via story-telling.  Writing for language learners poses a whole new set of challenges for me.

I’m also so pleased and grateful that Selina Fenech, an incredible Australian artist and author, agreed to let me use her beautiful artwork for the cover! This gorgeous piece, entitled “Saviour” perfectly illustrates my stories!

Song saviour

Check out Selina’s website for all her fiction, artwork, coloring books, figurines, etc. You will be amazed!

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Rejections can be sweet…

My poetry chapbook “Voices from the Bonfire” made the finalist list in Thirty West Publishing House’s 2017 chapbook contest:

thirty west finalist

However, their critique of the manuscript let me down very easy!  I am going to frame it and post it by my writing desk for encouragement!  Thank you, Thirty West Editorial panel!


These pieces are unique, fresh, and beautifully written. The muses here have constructed some unique narrative voices and superbly distinct pieces…” “Supremely creative.”

“…. one must be widely-read and knowledgeable of literary, artistic, and historical touchstones to fully catch all of the allusions here.”  “The unique thoughtfulness and dedicated execution of these pieces….”

“Not only is this magnificent on a conceptual level, but the beauty in the writing lies in its use of literary devices throughout. For instance, the internal rhythm and rhyme in “Guinevere to Arthur” is so seamless as to seem easily done…”

“…the level of intellectualism and foresight, the knowledge and exploratory nature of poetic structure and elements, and the skill and artistry in execution make this a great piece that any publishing company should be honored to print.”


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More June publications!

June has been a good month for me!

Alsina Publications accepted two flash fiction fantasy pieces, with a view to a third to complete the trilogy.  Alsina is launching a new language learning app, LingoApp, that will help students and other customers learn languages by reading stories!

Then Highland Park Poetry republished my poem “The Last Thing I’ll Lose” in their Muses Gallery bird themed summer issue.

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review also featured my poem “Plague Graffiti” on their page.
This poem was based on a BBC news article:

(Songs of Eretz Editor’s Note:  “This is a unique and moving elegy that resonates as much today in the age of indiscriminate terror attacks as it would have 500 years ago during the black plague that struck Cambridgeshire.”)

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Two poems at the Ginger Collect

The Ginger Collect just published two of my poems, “The Story of the Stones” and “Under a Graveyard Sun” in their Issue Two.  This issue also includes short fiction, flash fiction and more poetry.  Their mission is to publish “The Weird, the New Age, and the Strange.”

I’m glad they thought these two poems qualified!

Source: Beatriz Fernandez

thirty west pic

Thirty West Publishing House produces hand-bound chaplets and chapbooks.  As I previously posted, they recently chose my poem “The Surest Poison” as winner of their sonnet challenge (part of their celebration of National Poetry Month) and now editor Josh Dale is publishing a chaplet of all the weekly challenge winners!  It will include work from four different writers and four different genres/forms, and will include my winning sonnet as well as a second sonnet “Blood Pacts.”  Many thanks to TWPH for their support of poetry and writers!  I would like to learn to make hand-bound chaps like these!  In Josh’s picture, you see some of the tools he uses and the resulting chapbooks.

If you look closely at the picture, you will see that my two poems happened to fall in the middle pages of the chaplet!

thirty west horizontal

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