Posted by: nebula61 | May 27, 2015

Blog Revival–and LC call number assignment!

shining call number

I’ve been blogging at and had created but left this blog inert. Everyone seems to be switching to WordPress lately so I’m going to migrate here as well.  The worst thing is having to make the change on all my contact information everywhere–even my chapbook, Shining from a Different Firmament, has my old blog address printed on it.

I was quite thrilled to find out that the library I work at, Florida International University’s Green Library, has ordered a copy of my chapbook and it is now in the catalog, labeled as an FIU Faculty publication and cataloged under the subject heading Women–Poetry.  My call number is PS 3606 .E7335 .S55 2015!  I’m classified as a 21st century author because my first book was published after 2001. See, there are some advantages to waiting to write in later life!  I’m also happy they included a complete table of contents–I don’t think they usually do that, but perhaps the cataloger did it to be nice since she knows me.

She said “when I create your established heading in the national authority file (which includes OCLC and the Library of Congress) I will also enter your classification number on the record that I created on field 053 and that classification will be used by other catalogers for your other books that will be published in the future.”   So now I’m in the system forever, for good or ill!


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